Pre-postnatal YTT

Our next Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program will be on:

Saturday November 9th, 2019 & Sunday November 10th, 2019.

COST: $250.00 for the weekend training

This teacher training is not only for 200 & 500 hour Yoga teachers,
It is perfect for: Midwives, doulas, Nurses, Birth Educators, & Supportive Family and Friends who are interested in expanding their knowledge, teaching & understanding of Prenatal Yoga.

With this teacher training you are going to enrich the pregnancy of all whom you meet, everything from the euphoric first kick to the nagging sciatic nerve discomfort to the joys of having a new baby . You will be supporting & building a community of women & families that can rejoice in their excitement of a new baby and lament the lower back distress that ails them. You will learn to guide prenatal women through yoga poses that help alleviate and combat the aches and discomforts related to pregnancy as well as those that can help heal and bring back the strength that is needed to endure labor & motherhood.

Thank you for your service, it is needed!

There are also observation, teaching and assisting hours to be completed to get the full Certification.

  • MODULE 1: 

In this module you will learn over 75 asanas (postures) and variations as well as a basic sequencing guide that will allow you to create endless programs whether you are teaching group or private Prenatal Yoga. You will experience samples of these classes as a student, then dive into the lecture and training to create a plan to teach each of these classes as a group in the studio with your peers as well as to the community as we will have a real Prenatal class this day as well that is free and open the public.

  • MODULE 2: 

This day is our Anatomy & Philosophy for children training and workshop. We will also have special guest doula to teach Childbirth education & answer questions about how Yoga helps prenatal women through pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal.

We are honored to guide you through this process. Thank you for your service, it is needed.