National Yoga Kids Academy YTT

Join us for National Yoga Kids Academy Teacher Training!

Saturday November 11, 2019 & Sunday November 12, 2019

Cost: $250 for the weekend training

You will learn how to teach from babies to teens in this interactive and fun training.

These training’s are very much so a therapeutic approach to the Yoga practice with an influence from YogaKids Program for the tools that are chosen for the children in the postures, breathing techniques, meditation & mindfulness, and the 8 types of intelligences within the YogaKids programs.

The 8 types of intelligence’s which are used at every age level of our teacher trainings National Yoga Kids Academy.

1. Verbal/Linguistic (Word Smart): Reading, writing, speaking and listening.
2. Logical/Mathematical (Logic Smart): Mathematical; working with numbers and abstract patterns.
3. Visual/Spatial (Picture Smart): Spatial; working with images, drawing, sculpting, and building.
4. Musical (Music Smart): Rhythm, melody, patterned song and dances.
5. Kinesthetic/Bodily (Body Smart): Body awareness; processing information through touch, movement, dramatics, dance and yoga.
6. Interpersonal (People smart): Ability to relate to others; sharing, cooperating, social skills and interdepended.
7. Intrapersonal (Self Smart): Introspection, individualized projects, meditation, inner-connection, self-directed instruction.
8. Naturalistic (Nature Smart): Connection, appreciation, understanding and awe of ecology, the natural world and our part in the web of life.

There are also observation, teaching and assisting hours to be completed to get the full Certification.