Mindful Kids

Mindful Kids is an initiative that is bringing the arts and mindfulness together. Teaching the children how to connect with their bodies and minds to help balance the ups and downs of life. We are committed to offering more programs including yoga, dance (ballet and breakdancing), art and more!


Join Andrea Clark for a 6 week series of an Introduction to Ballet
Thursdays: 5:30pm June 13, 2019 – July 18, 2019
Ages: 3-8 years old
Cost: $60 for 6 weeks

Andrea Clark began her dance training at On Your Toes Dance Studio in Denton, MD. At OYT, she trained in ballet, tap, jazz, modern/lyrical, and hip hop styles of dance and was an assistant dance teacher for three years. Andrea then trained in modern dance at the Salisbury Dance Academy and studied pointe at Dancenter Salisbury. She is a graduate of Salisbury University where she minored in dance.


What to expect- Here is how we make the two levels different:

Ages 3-5:

Kids at this age love to role-play, pretend, and love constant activity.

Here is what we work with at this age in YogaKids:

  • Emerging language- math and memory skills
  • Development of large motor skills (walking, running, jumping, etc…)
  • Development of small motor skills (drawing)
  • Ability to engage in make-believe play
  • Beginning socialization (rules, standards, and values of society)
  • Greater self-reliance and boundless curiosity
  • Development of empathy, altruism
  • Learning skillful ways to deal with emotions like anger, sadness, love, fear, happiness, etc…

Ages 6-11:

Kids at this age encouragement is the best way to lead the children to continue with yoga on their own throughout their lives.

  • Intellectual and Emotional Growth
  • Growth in “meta-cognition” (ability to plan effective problem solving strategies)
  • Organize and classify information in new ways
  • A positive self-image with many dimensions
  • Friendships with emphasis on fairness, equity and reciprocity
  • Learning skillful ways to deal with emotions like anger, sadness, love, fear, happiness, etc…

Galilee Montessori

Galilee Montessori offers the Mindful Kids programs within their curriculum for the Elementary class as well as afterschool programs for the 6-9 year old children.