NYA Faculty:

Amanda Hamp, Certified Yoga Therapist, e-RYT 500, is

CEO & School Director of National Yoga Academy, and teaches that there must be space for the adaptation of the Yoga practice & nutritional needs per person, teaching a bio-Individual approach to finding balance from the inside out. She has been practicing Yoga and BASI Pilates since 1995 and has over 2000 hours of training under numerous yoga masters & therapists. She has learned to heal her body from major complications & surgeries, balance running her own businesses since 2007, having a family of 4, loving & educating others about the healing qualities of Organic Foods & Farming, Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda. Amanda has trained to be a CYT- Certified Yoga Therapist, eRYT500- Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, CPT-Certified Personal Trainer, CHHC-Certified Holistic Health Coach, Pilates teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Kids Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher & Organic Foods Chef. She has completed Yoga As Medicine Level & Phoenix Rising Level 1. Amanda’s training has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic & integrative nutrition, Ayurvedic health coaching, and the importance of preventive care in both exercise and how/what we eat.


Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACS, CAP., is one of the foremost experts in Yoga Therapy who combines his 45-year experience in Conventional Medicine with his extensive knowledge of Integrative Medicine, including Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. Dr. Sarkar has held positions that included teaching as a primary focus of his medical career.  He serves on several local and national healthcare boards as: President, Board of Directors, American Heart Association, Hampton Roads, Virginia,  Chairman of it’s Mission Committee and My Life Check; Life Member, National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and Member of its’ Standards Yoga Subcommittee;  President, Board of Directors, International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT);  Fellow, American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM) and Chairman of the Board, Life in Yoga Institute. See more… http://www.dilipsarkar.com/bio/

Dr. Timothy McCall, MD is a board-certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine,  and the author of two books, Examining Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Avoiding Harmful Medical Care (Citadel Press) and Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing (Bantam). He is co-editor of forthcoming medical textbook on yoga therapy, the first of its kind, The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care (Handspring Publishing, February 28, 2016)). He practiced medicine for more than 10 years in the Boston area before devoting himself full-time to investigating and teaching yoga therapy. He is the Founder/Director of Yoga As Medicine Seminars and Teacher Trainings and, until recently, co-directed a yoga therapy center just outside of New York City.

See more… http://www.drmccall.com/bio.html

Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. is a Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, San Bernardino for 20+ years. Amy’s degrees include a B.A. and M.A. in Health Promotion and a Ph.D. in Education and Psychology.  Amy has travelled to India many times and was certified to teach Yoga/ Yoga Therapy in the Tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.  Before that, she was certified by several other internationally recognized Yoga and Yoga Therapy Training Programs.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT).  Amy also helped the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) set standards for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy.  Amy is the Founder and Director of Optimal State of Living Programs, which provides both Yoga and Yoga Therapy Training Programs.  See www.AmyWheeler.com for details.

 Graham M. Schweig, Ph.D. (ERYT500) has been a student of many traditional teachers of yoga. He has travelled to India seven times, and has been a practitioner of meditational and heart-centered yoga for over 45 years. Along side of his personal yoga practice, Graham earned his doctorate from Harvard University in comparative religion, with a specialization in sacred Sanskrit yoga literature. Graham has been conducting yoga workshops and offering seminars and lectures around the US and Europe for over 20 years, and has been an invited speaker several times at the Yoga Journal Conferences. Additionally, over the past eight years, Graham has been invited by the Smithsonian Institution to deliver over three dozen lectures on religion and yoga at its museum complex in Washington, DC. Among his over 100 publications of articles and chapters of books including several books, his translation of the Bhagavad Gita, published by Harper Collins, has been widely used in yoga teacher trainings around the country as well as schools and university courses. Additionally, in a couple of years, Yale University Press will be publishing Graham’s translation of and commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. He is presently professor of philosophy and religion at Christopher Newport University, Virginia, where he has received several recognitions and rewards for his teaching and mentoring. Graham, along with his life-partner Catherine, is co-founder of The Secret Yoga, for which he teaches workshops on the yoga of deep study of sacred yoga texts, philosophical foundations of yoga, exploring deeper dimensions of meditation, Sanskrit for yoga, the Upanishads, the Yoga Sūtra, the Bhagavad Gita, and workshops on many other important themes (www.secretyoga.com).

Lydia Smith Talley began her wellness journey as a young mother, becoming increasingly interested in holistic wellness as a way to keep her family well. Yoga practice became a way for her to manage the stresses of life as well as a way to occupy time with her children. This lifestyle choice eventually led her to Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied Holistic Health, Bio- Individuality, Yoga and Fitness, Ayurveda, and 100’s of dietary theories with lectures being taught by master teachers and world renowned healthcare practitioners including John Douillard, Ayurvedic physician, Holistic Health and Integrative Medical Dr., Andrew Weil, as well as Mind Body Connection and Spirituality expert Joan Borysenko, to name a few. While studying with integrative Nutrition Lydia’s interest in Yoga grew which found her at the doorstep of National Yoga Academy where she completed both 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings. She is a group/private therapeutic yoga instructor and holistic health coach at National Yoga Academy and Wells therapeutics in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Dee Keller, a former marathoner, tri-athlete, and soccer player, came to yoga in the 1990’s when she realized that the only way to continue her athletic career as she aged was to start a serious stretching program. In 2002 a soccer injury led to a healing journey in which injury became her teacher and yoga the gift. The first step was a switch from a ‘no pain, no gain’, run through anything, body abuse mentality to one of compassion for self, doing no harm, and listening to her body. From her years of dabbling in yoga for sports, she knew on an intuitive level that she could heal herself by deepening her practice and she has been on that path ever since. Her personal experience as a student of yoga and a student of her own body has taught her on a cellular lever, the importance of listening to your own body. She believes that by gently opening the body, removing blocks, increasing strength and flexibility, getting energy flowing freely, and getting muscles to work properly together all poses can be done with ease.  In 2003 she received her 200 hour RYT Teacher Training certificate from Yogaville based Integral Yoga Style Teacher Training Institute and in 2009 she received her 500 hour RYT from Master Adam’s International Yoga Institute where she continues to train and deepen her practice. Dee became a full time yoga instructor in 2010 and brings fun, play and passion to her teaching. Her regular classes are a slow flow where poses are held long enough to allow a deepening of the posture, the development of strength and balance, an exploration of the body, awareness of the breath, and the focus and concentration of the mind.  Putting these practices together gives students an opportunity to find their point of peace and stillness in the pose making it effortless effort.

Stephanie Howell, offers compassionate, therapeutic yoga classes, workshops & yoga therapy sessions with particular focus on cancer survivors & caregivers. Her history of nursing & current work as a hospice volunteer & lay pastoral counselor inform her Kripalu-based teaching style. With yoga’s inherent wisdom & healing potential & through expressive-art practices, she encourages students to be inspired by their own open heart. She invites students to cultivate integral qualities such as grace & intuitive awareness, fluid from mat to life. Stephanee is a 200 RYT from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, 500 hr Registered Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & 800 hr Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.


Christal Rabalais, RYT-500, Christal is a native New Yorker who made Virginia her home after completing her enlistment in the Navy. She has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga for many years and decided to complete a 200 RYT certification to pursue a deeper understanding of teaching yogic principles through Asana and breath. Christal currently offers an athletic at times challenging blend of Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, & Yin in her classes hoping to inspire students to deepen their own practice. She focuses on the importance of matching breath with movement to inspire students to take yoga to a higher level. With continued and dedicated practice yoga is a journey to not only a transformation of the body but of the mind.In addition to currently working on her thesis towards completing her graduate degree from Norfolk State University, Christal is continuing her yoga education through Amanda Hamp eRYT of National Yoga Academy by pursuing a 500 RYT with a yoga therapy concentration. Lastly, Christal is a lover of life, animals, friendships and yoga. Be you, be free.

Eddie Montoya-McDevitt completed both her 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training with National Yoga Academy (NYA) and is now part of their faculty family. Eddie is a navy wife and mother.  A believer in inner healing specializing in Yin, Restorative and Hatha Yoga.  Eddie currently teaches yoga for the Virginia Beach Recreational Centers, both Virginia Beach OneLife Fitness locations, Wells Therapeutics, and NYA.  She is pursuing her 1000 hour certification in Yoga Therapy to fulfill her path of helping others heal from the inside out.




Christine Harrell, is a certified 500/hour RYT from National Yoga Academy and is a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor. She is also a graduate of the Wise Earth Ayurvedic School with a certification in Ahimsa Japa Meditation and a Childlight Yoga Instructor. Christine is also a trained birth and postpartum doula and enjoys guiding pre-natal and post-natal mothers and babies in yoga. It brings her bliss in her life when she can help others heal through yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. She is also an accomplished martial artist, holding a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has trained in other styles of martial arts as well. The balance in the yin of yoga practice and the yang of martial arts along with meditation and breath work, is the element that unites the mind, body, and spirit in her teachings. Her yoga practice off the mat includes being a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. She enjoys crafting, baking, traveling, and building her community. She is also the founder of Virginia Community Yoga LLC established in 2016.


Rev. Jeremy Wood is an Ordained, Holistic Minister Practitioner, Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and has trained in Mindful Yoga Therapy for those with trauma, anxiety and PTS along with a current study in Yoga Therapy. As well, Rev Wood carries a Master’s Degree in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction that allows him to add breadth and depth to the anatomy and physiology used during yoga practices. With an emphasis on balancing “east and west” and leading experiences on “spirit” and education of the human form, classes and workshops are offered that will inform and transform mind, body and soul. 



Dani Orender began her yoga practice 12 years ago while living in Boulder and attending Boulder College of Massage Therapy’s 1,000 hour certification program, specializing in perinatal massage. Living in Japan for four years she deepened her meditation practice. Working through medical and family hardships she teaches yoga to give back to the community what she has received through mainly karma yoga. Dani is a RYT200, RYT500*, and RCYT with her training through ChildLight Yoga. She has completed several levels of Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs under Louise Goldberg, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children and Teens with Special Needs through ChildLight Yoga, as well as Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness for Children also through ChildLight. Dani is currently working towards her yoga therapy certification. “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up.”


Angela Taylor is a 500hr RYT as well as a RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher).  Her training at the 200hr is through National Yoga Academy.   Her Children’s training is through the YogaKids program.  She also studied children’s meditation level 1 and 2 through the Connected Kids Program with Lorraine Murray.  Sonia Sumar trained Angela in the Yoga for the Special Child to help facilitate yoga to children with physical and mental disabilities. Angela’s 500hr training is through Rainbow Yoga with specializations in Fertility, Pre and Postnatal, Baby, Kids, Teens, Family, Partner, Community, Wise Woman and Senior Yoga.  Beyond teaching families and children, Angela also enjoys teaching other styles of hatha yoga and meditation.  Having served in the US Army and certified in Mindful Yoga Therapy, Angela strives to give back to the veteran community. Angela’s teaching style is playful and relaxing for both children and adults with a heavy influence of the Integral Yoga Lineage.  Angela has an open heart for each individual who comes to her classes.  She strives to teach in a way accessible for all people and abilities.  She also does her best to live in the present moment with gratitude, as well as enjoying whatever life may bring her way.