Mission & Vision

National Yoga Academy seeks to serve those who serve with, and among us in the walk of life. We teach the change we want to see in the world through allowing individuals to become well equipped with themselves by aiming to relieve suffering, while enhancing awareness on the many levels of the individual, yet persistently striving to touch all humankind. Through dedication and a solid practicum, we seek to join and lead others of like mind in establishing credibility for Yoga and Yoga Therapy as a highly effective and respected profession. National Yoga Academy facilitates a dedication to research and science based practices using Yoga and Yoga Therapy in hopes of bridging the gaps of communication between traditional therapies, allopathic medicine, believers of all faiths, and allowing for a one tribe, connected, familial human existence. Stewards of our country we seek to facilitate, educate and grow.

Our vision is a world that finds healing through Yoga & Yoga therapy. We believe we can change the hearts and minds of those who need inspiration, empowerment and transformation. One day, we wish for all military will have the opportunity to experience yoga as a therapy. We are shaping the future by teaching yoga and creating a brighter day for our next generation.