300/500 HOUR YTT

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Modules:

Program consists of 9 months of training January 27th 2019- September 28, 2019. Classes are held on weekends biweekly with a summer and winter break.

Obtain a maximum of 6 certifications:

  • 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with NYA
  • Intro to Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Certification with Dr. Dilip Sarkar
  • Kids Yoga Certification with NYA
  • Prenatal Yoga Certification with NYA
  • Yoga Sutras Study Certification with Amy Wheeler, PhD.

You will be given Yoga Therapy Private Sessions throughout your training and a mentor to meet with monthly to keep you on track with your own personal progress as well as with your clients.

Students will attend two weekends a month minimum for Module lectures, practice and clinical hours.

Start charging for and taking private and/or small group clients ½ way through the program & do a research project on your recommendations & their progress along the way.

Learn the difference between Classical, Modern and Therapeutic through a direct lineage of Yoga Therapy- T. Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar. Learn how to choose the CORRECT yogic tools for yourself & for teaching Group and Private Therapeutic Yoga. You will understand the functional significance of asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc… and teach according to these principles to create more spaciousness in your self and others to allow the bodies natural healing ability to flourish.

Learn how to do assessment based on Ayurveda, Ancient Yogic Texts & Yoga Therapy looking at the Physical, Mental, Breathing, Personality, Emotional/ Spiritual layers of each individual sitting in front of you. Using this system you will be able to create bio-individual practices for those who are either depleted and need nourishment, stressed out and need soothing for the nervous system, toxic and need cleansing and/or weak and unfocused and need strength and focus. You will learn to meet them where they are and then steadily guide them into balance.

  1. Module 1 Yoga Foundations: Deeper Yoga History, Lifestyle, Culture & Philosophical Texts
  2. Module 2 Science beyond Science
  3. Module 3 Gross to Subtle Anatomy of Yoga
  4. Module 4  Philosophy of Yoga & the Mind
  5. Module 5 Yogic Tools: Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Chanting, Soma Sutras, Daily Yogic Lifestyle & Personal Practice.
  6. Module 6 Yoga for Special Populations
  7. Module 7 Philosophy of Yoga Ethics in Professional Practice
  8. Module 8 Research Projects


300 Hour Teacher Training: Yoga Alliance Standards

Course Name: 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hours
Techniques, Training & Practice


150 hours


Yoga Philosophy/ Lifestyle & Ethics


45 hours
Teaching Methodology


30 hours
Anatomy & Physiology


35 hours
Practicum Student teaching & Observing hours


40 hour minimum


Total Required Hours 300 hours


The 300 hour Teacher Training Certification program will allow students to begin teaching private one-on-one yoga sessions in such facilities as yoga studios, state (such as local recreation centers) and government agencies (such as MWR). This program will increase the students pay rate up to 5-10 times the amount of teaching group classes.